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FILM 1701 Lecture Notes - La Terra Trema, Vittorio De Sica, Roberto Rossellini

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FILM 1701
Michael Zryd

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Week 13: Italian Neo-realism
Italian Neo-realism notes
Dedicated to “Life as it is”
Verismo : emphasis on ordinary life, working and lower class people, influenced by Mario
Alicata and Giuseppe De Santis, “Truth in Poetry” essay (1941)
Canonical films of Italian Neo-Realism
Roberto Rossellini, Rome Open City, Germany Year Zero, Paisa
Vittorio De Sica, Shoeshine, The Bicycle Thief, Umberto D
Luchino Visconti, La terra trema
Cinecittà: Major studio in Rome
1945: 22 films made; 1953: 200+ films made
Five key Facts:
Filmed on location

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