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Week 17 Cuban Cinema and Radical Cinema.docx

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FILM 1701
Michael Zryd

Week 17: Cuban Cinema and Radical Cinema 1960S LEFT POLITICS 1960s: many colonial nations in Africa and elsewhere achieve independence -rise of political radicalism and counterculture in USA and Europe -anti-authoritarian politics rises in Eastern Europe and Soviet bloc =>social change, resistance to authority (whether that authority is seen as colonial, bourgeois, or Communist) In the West: politics of radicalism vs reformism -bourgeois capitalism permeates political, social, and psychological dimensions -“the personal is political” late 1960s -USA: rise of New Left, Students for a Democratic Society (SDS), anti-Vietnam demonstrations, campus protest, Black Power, Women’s Liberation, Stonewall (gay liberation) -Europe: radical Left student politics and counterculture movements “May 1968" - violent repression of student protests in Paris (also Spain, Germany, UK, Japan, USA) -in May, half a million students and workers marched in France, forcing gov’t to reopen university -10 million go on strike in support of student protest and occupation of Sorbonne -Jean-Luc Godard and François Truffaut close Cannes Film Festival -radical film collectives formed in France and Europe -de Gaulle’s gov’t threatened, but wins June elections Week 17: Cuban Cinema and Radical Cinema Left Ideological Critique IDEOLOGICAL CRITIQUE Importance of “class consciousness”: understanding of how capitalism ensures divisions of rich and poor by dividing poor classes, Collective interests are deemphasized in favour of individual interests “False consciousness” – those who are suckered by IDEOLOGY IDEOLOGY: a set of values that is assumed and unexamined Bourgeois culture is based on ideology as ILLUSION (of freedom, of political power, of social mobility) crucial mechanism of illusion: MASS MEDIA, including film Radical politics must no
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