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Gillian Helfield

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All about my mother and volver: In one sense we can about the film in context of national cinema as spains directors, famous director. Different movies he made. Given his distinct cinematic style, can always tell its Almovdars film, uses same actors from film to film. Also consider him auteur, point of view of genre most films fit in the category of melodrama. Different directors who made melodrama. Film tackles some tapoo social subject issues, chiefly sexuality but also the conflict between individualism and social convention. Throbbing pulsated music, vivid lightning. Top actors playing over the top complex family and romantic untangle less relationships with over the top. Mostly makes women films which is unusual for male directors. A director who loves women. Or that his contribute to women as the backbone of society. Contt.. As a casing point think of the strong women in both the films who bear the feminisez versions of masculine names. Raimunda, Manulea, Augustina. Paula only the sister in Volver Solie bears the feminine name which interestingly means lonely, solitary. So these women must overcome the literal labels and corresponding constraints of patriarchy that are bestowed upon them as social subjects from the time of their birth. Its not coincidental that alomodovars characters continually cross geographic, social and cultural boundaries. For so to do his films for crossover and various categories and genres and even into mainstream cinema and thus continuslly redefine those borders and our perceptions of self identity, culture and irrationality. Like a true agent provocateur almodovar makes truly transgressive cinema particularly in its ability to capture the spirit and flavour of rebellion using kitch camp, ribald and sometimes tasteless humor and explicit sexuality and that makes his point of protest clear. Artfully blending fantasy with hardcore reality, while at the same time being tribute to the self same culture that his characters must work against through the continual references to food, color, charming customs, traditions, fabulous architecture, breathtaking landscape. Despite his interrogationg of his inherence social problems, hypocrecies and injustices, almodovar clrealy adores his country, to paraphrase that famous song. Part 2: Perhaps the main theme running to both the films is a mini almodovar film, is that of motherhood and womens predominant and traditional role as caregiver, that ties into the issue of womens films into category many of almodovars films fall. Infact there are 2 kinds of cinema that deal with women, womens films and womems cinema. Womens films also called chick flicks tend to explore the issues that pertain mainly only to women so as to open a dialogue around those problems or expericnes. Womens cinema tends to be a little more political and tends to refer to films thst are made by women about women, for women where as womens films are made by men as well as women. The problems or experiences that womens films or chick flicks deal with can be basic and something common to all women, such as their social roles within the family as wives, mothers, sisters, daughters or it could be something more specialized pertaining to certain socio economics factors of the population, whether it be jobs commonly or traditionally taken or carried by women as nurses, caregivers, cleaning ladies, nannies, or more advanced career paths which women attempt to make in a mans world and break through the glass ceiling. It could be even more highly specialized than that dealing with womens health issues, breast cancer, infertility, menopause, or social issues affecting women such as divorce, single parenthood, substance abuse, sexual abuse, violence against women, even women as perpetuators of violence and crimes and the reasons behind that. So the womens films do not have to made my women, have to address women as demographic as well as the problems commonly shared the women and which in some ways define women and influence representations of women in the cinema. All about my mother certainly conforms in many ways and instances to these characteristics of womens films as does Volver, particularly given the film emphasis upon family and the concept of sisterhood, not only the blood sisterhood of immediate family but also the symbolic sisterhood of women and upon the problems in social roles that play into that, come out of that and or perhaps cured or mitigated by bad? So in All about my mother, you have estebans mother Manuela who is a nurse as well as rosa who is a nun, also sometimes called the sister and referred to as a sister who cares for drug addicts and innate sufferers and who also gets pregnant and thus becomes a mother. Theres also Rosas mother whos caring for rosas father suffering from dementia and who has become very childlike and needy. Theres the actress huma roho starring as blance duboit in a local production of tennesi Williams play recarnamed? desire and who is in love with the co start nino who is young enough to be her daughter After Manuelas son estebaan dies, she leaves her nursing job at the hospital where she works at the organ transplant team , she becomes a personal assistant to huma and nina and spends most of time looking after nina who has developed a serious substance abuse problem. As well Mauela takes crae of rosa who is not only pregnant but seriously ill and comes to live with her. So where as the women are predominantly caregivers, the men are the ones who either receive the care like the greedy, needy children or use the women and then abandon them. This includes Manuelas ex husband for whom shes searching to tell him about their sons death., but also rosas father who through his dementia also left his family, he no longer recognizes his daughter when he sees her on the street. There are also the countless prostitutes to populate the film, both films, who in their both ways can be considered caregivers including agrado, the transgender friend of Manuela whose name means agreeable, in Spanish the phrase conogrado which with pleasure or happy to do it, which ofcourse is a kind of pun referring to her both as a woman and as a prostitute. There is a strong suggestion throughout the film that Manuela once kept the company of prostitutes even if she may have been one herself and we see that in olio? seen when she is so comfortable going into that part of the city with a prostitutes ply their trade? Theres alsoRaimundas friend, the prostiture in boulevair who is part of her inner circle, as well there is the pun of the films title All about my mother which in Spanish translates to everything or everyone on top of my mother which is a winked prostitution or a nod also to patriarchial system which dominates and lies leiteraly on top of women keeping them down. Along these lines are also the stage name of the actors huma, which refers of human or humanitarian, so womens films tend to be more manine? Than womens cinema which not only includes films about women or womens subject or issues or experiences but mostly films by women and for women. So there is not only the element of who does the film address but also authorship, the idea of a purely female subjectivity. But womens films tend to target women in the audience not b/c of their subjectivity but also b/c of their stories and their characters and stars which you dont tend to get in women cinema which tends to be more experimental along guard or documentary b/c it tends to be very personal, very low budget cinema. So womens films will have big stars like Julia Roberts, etc b/c they tend to be big studio productions that often are made by bankable male directors and they tend often to involve a kind of cinderalla theme or relationship he shaid, she said. Initially, feminist rejected to the whole terminology category of womens films b/c by separating it that way it became an untouchable genre for men bringing up images of wet wasted afternoons. Feminist film theories have also pointed that the term by dividing the film off from other categories carries an implication that women and their emotional problems were minor or special significance, for ex.. there are good films which focus on male relationships are not called mens films but tended to be called psychological dramas. There is such a
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