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Leacture 2 Notes (editing, shots, angles, techniques, framing).docx

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FILM 1900
Firoza Elavia

FILM 1900Lecture 2September 16 Institutional Mode of Representation IMRThe IMR basically consists of the conventions of miseenscene framing and editingdramatic action five major stagesI a state of equilibriumIIdisruption of the equilibrium by some action This is the stage where elements of conflict introducedimportant to plot progression III a recognition that there has been some disruptionIV an attempt to repair the disruptionfind a solutiona reinstatementV climaxdramaticshoot outpeople killing each other things will come to a head in a domestic situationthe woman and man will have a huge fight to what might look like a separationCinematic TechniquesShot the continuous uninterrupted flow of the recorded imageCut is what interrupts this flowFramingStatic framing the camera is solidly fixed in one positionFluid framing the camera moves in and through spaceCamera pan left or right Camera tilt up or downShotstracking shot tracks are built on a set resembling railway tracks and the camera is moved along these tracksdolly shot the camera is on wheelssay on a tripod wheels or a chair and moves in the direction needed
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