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Lecture 2

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FILM 2200 Week 2 Lecture Notes.docx

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York University
FILM 2200
Robin Metcalfe

th Week 2: September 18 , 2013 Modernity & Cinema (Lecture Notes) Karl Marx (1818-1883)  social scientist  theory: revolution is inevitable; capitalism will change to socialism  believed he could scientifically predict the outcome of social conflicts based on history Charles Darwin (1809-1882)  natural scientist  theory: that all life forms are descendants of common ancestors  criticized not because his theories were wrong, but because his theories were not morally uplifting Sigmund Freud (1856-1939)  “The Interpretation of Dreams” (book; 1899)  Our actions aren’t really a product of our intellect, but unconscious attempts to resolve some sort of conflict (based on present or memories) o people became more detached from their actions Albert Einstein (1879-1955)  1905 - physical universe is not what it’s thought to be, it is all a mathematical model o there is no difference between matter and energy  Vast forces creating the world around us that we cannot see Vladimir Tatlin (1885-1953)  “Tatlin’s Tower” (1919): a building design (that was never built)  Designed to be a symbol of modernity o The design: A twin helix 400m high, with main framework containing 4 large shapes which rotate at different speeds  There is question of whether it could have even been built based on structural practicality Russian Civil War (1917-1922)  After the war: o Plan to repair economy & build for future; to build a modern society that appeared as a futuristic society o Lots of dissatisfied people in Russia, rebelled –lost revolution though Constructionism – movement for the artist  People who looked at this new construction as way to study art o Reverse engineering, understanding builds, etc. V
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