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FILM 2200
Seth Feldman

FILM 2200 MidTerm Study GuideSignificant PeopleThingsWeek 1There is question of whether it could have even been built based on structural practicality Cave paintingsusually done in special chambers far down into cave The placeas well as painting was special in terms of meaningStays same for approx 15 000 yearsLenses galileoPhotographschemicals negatives copiesthMagic lanterns 19 centurythe one that spins with lots of framesMutoscopeTelegrams invention of electricityEdisonTesla better system of electricity Than EdisonIndustrial Revolutions sto1 1790s1840s natural power sources wind horse man waterhome to factoriesndo2 18701910 new set of industrial materialsCars airplane motorcyclesCultural changes mass distributionconsumptionfilm was a product of this periodWeek 2Tatlins Tower 1919 a building design that was never built by Vladimir Tatlin 18851953Designed to be a symbol of modernityoThe design A twin helix 400m high with main framework containing 4 large shapes which rotate at different speedsRussian Civil War 19171922After the waroPlan to repair economybuild for future to build a modern society that appeared as a futuristic societyoLots of dissatisfied people in Russia rebelled lost revolution thoughConstructionismmovement for the artistPeople who looked at this new construction asway to study artoReverse engineering understanding builds etcVladimir Lenin 18701924communist revolutionary RussianOf all the arts the most important for us is the movieDziga Vertov 1896 1954doc filmmaker newsreel director cinema theorist RussianSovietEditingputting footage together creating newsreels
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