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Lecture 3

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FILM 2401
Joseph Kispal- Kovacs

Hollywood as genre system - Lecture 3 Hollywood as a genre system. • Certain studios made certain types of films over others • Universal for horror films during the 1930's • set of rules audiences learn • certain genres flourished compared to others. • 1950 to 1960 numerous western films made, what was popular in that area, studios produced those exact films. • Traditional hollywood movies made on the basis of profit. Genre • Product diffrentiation • system of classifacation • categoty of critical analysis • gangster films took off in the 20's due to the recession • Hororr attributed to anxitey due to the depression etc. • Science fiction started very slowy. after the 50's they become popular • Musicals , -1928 one of the most popular dramas. • Genres rise and fall over popular, based on what is going on the society. • During the cold war - many horrors and science fiction . • Conservative over their form they reproduce social realtions. • Traditional wastern construstion of social reality beleives male dominated public and melodrama, certain beleifs attitfdes which promoted domestic spehere as the as appropriate to women. Case Study: Ethe eartly western film and Empire Building. • Westerns ususally stories between 65 - 1900 when most of frontier has been settled. • take place between missisipi river and pacific ocean. • western series of stories in the development of the empire but change over time in the movies such as when the depression and cold war during actual periods of time in society. Western Genre • Attempt to get culturla recogonigiton of the dominance of the american peopole Amtecedents of the western Fikm 1. Frontier stories of james fenimore cooper in earlty 19th century 2. Dime novels - inexpensive pulp ficition sotries flourised in 1880, tales of wild west and outlaw of hearoes 3. Wild West shows - in 1883 buffalo bull cody brough circus liks show s to audiences and reinacted famous battles with native performers to reproduce these events, travelling shows and audiences that were familar to theatre audiences . 1930's • Upintill this time low budget films and very simplisitc, very melo dramatic caharsteristics, heros and vilans very simple. They were not prestigious big budget pictures, after this time more big budge westerns. • After stage coach, more studios made high budge western films • after 1939 - (1940 - 1960) more westerns made spend more money and more sucess • Stage coach important milestone, not A budget but most successful. Western distingushied through civilazation and Savagery Civilization • east • hetersexal family • whites • women • city Savagery • west • male gangs • natives hispanics • men Two groups of people were displaced. natives and spanish speaking people. were all part of mexico untill the early 19th century. Characteristics of the wester 1. 1865 -1900 american west 2. charcter types of their relation ship to each other - the townspeople/ natives or outlaws who threaten the first group/ the heroes, offical and unoffical. 3. chase narratives, revenge narratives and capt
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