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Nov 7 – The Rise of Broadcast Television (1946- 1959) .docx

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FILM 2401
Joseph Kispal- Kovacs

November 7The Rise of Broadcast Television 1946 1959 Case Study The Cold Warend of the second world wareurope and part of asia in ruinsUS emerged as most powerful nation in the worldbiggest economy biggest industrial capacity most military powershort lived monopoly on nuclear weaponsnever attacked after pearl harbour Allied Powers US USSR Great Britain met to discuss post war world order and agree todivide up the world into various spheres of influence US would follow USSR control over eastern Europe in return for Russian participation innewly created united nations emergence of new kind of imperialism US and USSR replacing the european powers asthe major imperialists powers in the world set up sphere of influence type of colonial arrangement in many parts of the worlddid not seek to rule these countries directly but made sure the countries were ruled bygovernments that would carry out the orders of one of the two imperial powers and protect their interests NATO and the Warsaw Pactthe US supported friendly governments that were supported by significant financial aidamerican marshall plan did opposite of treaty of versailles did to Europe after ww1they were given aid to rebuild 19471951 to prevent collapse of germany and japan or re emergence of some kind of authoritarian regime US created military alliance north american treaty alliance NATO in 1949 to defend andprotect its interests USSR did same in 1955 with Warsaw PactThe Arms Racelargest military buildup in the world history as two empress undertook to makes sure theywouldnt be unprepared for eventual confrontationstockpiling of nuclear weaponsUSSR first atom bomb in 1949 4 years after US had demonstrated them to Japanintercontinental ballastic missiles ICBMssrocket based delivery system capable ofdelivering nuclear warheads anywhere in the world fleets of long range bombers capable of flying around the world to deliver bombsdeveloped nuclear submarines could go virtually undetected anywhere in the world andfire long range nuclear tipped missiles1
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