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Joseph Kispal- Kovacs

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October 3The Coming of Sound Hollywood BlossomsCase Study The US and Latin America IDominated by american military and economic powerColonies of spain deciding to leave for USMexicanamerican war of 18461848 mexico lost and its territories are now californiaarizona and new mexico 1850s american mercenaries invaded countries in latin america like cuba and Nicaragua Part of walkers goal in capturing Nicaraguaand making himself president of the country wasto build a canal linking Atlantic and pacific ocean 1903 teddy roosevelt created rebellion against columbia after they refused to ratify a treatyallowing construction of panama canal They soon allowed construction and teddy was first president who asserted right for the US tointervene militarily in any part of the americas to protect and extend US interests 19031934 US regularly invaded latin america Dominican republic haiti Nicaragua mexicoLatin america resented US and hollywood Latin americans portrayed as negative in american movies Hollywood making films that denigrated mexicans since early 1910ndLatin america was 2 largest market for american film other than great Britain Readings Textbook Chapter 5Impact on economics and art of the moviesComing of sound cost factorCost of refitting both production facilities and exhibition facilities for shooting and screeningof synchronized sound was high Expense of converting sound and procession film in sound led to further concertino ofownership even in exhibitions Silent to sound changeover led to a temporary decline in the overseas power of hollywood andallowed for national cinemas in other countries to develop 1933 americans settled on a system of subtitling to get their movies across to non englishspeaking audiences
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