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Nov 28 – The Advertising System .docx

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FILM 2401
Joseph Kispal- Kovacs

November 28The Advertising System Case Study Selling the American Dream cold war was a propaganda warsoviet exploited embarrassing state of race relations in post war america took civil rightsmovement to begin to address american promoted idea of their system afforded its citizens highest standard of living andgave them access to most wonderful consumer goods unavailable to soviet citizens post ww2 rebirth of consumer ideal of the 20samericans earned a better liferising wages means working class would have access to cornucopia of goods and gadgetspromised by consumer culture easy credit made possibility of buying big ticket items easier gi ill made college and university education available for vet runsoffered loans for buying homes and starting businessamericans access to modern conventions to consumer society measure of superiority ofcivilizationReadingsTextbook Chapter 11 advertising is not just about giving consumers relevant information about uses andqualities of something they are planning to purchase but it offers us a glimpse of a utopian world where all of our desires are metand all of our fears are allayed through the consumption of products modern advertising is premised on desire for something we lackpromising happiness if we buy the right products or services happiness never comes it is deferredonly in last hungered years that advertising industry has come into existenceuntil recently almost 100 of all revenue for radio and tv came from advertisingeven public television is dependent on adsbroadcast tv and cable tv advertising accounted for 233 of all money spent ofadvertising in US advertiserbroadcasting relationsfirst broadcast ad was believed to come to radio in 1922 when WEAF in nyc sold 15 minutespot to developer of an apartment complex broadcasters realized that weaving the ad into a program of entertainment was morefictive idea of sponsor putting together an entertainment program and buying airtime on radiostations took hold tv appeared in 40s and this model took wellinitial period of broadcast televisions operations sponsors ruled the roosttv shows had a single sponsor who paid independent producers to make television showsand bought airtime on networks to show them 1959 quiz show scandalmoved to business model where sold 60 second spots to numerous sponsors and mademany tv shows themselves 1971 third second spot became industry standard because of anti trust litigation thenetworks were forced to get out of the business of making most tv shows tv ads can be sold as a national and local spot and vary in cost depending on time of daytime of year size of audience audience demographic rank of the networkads provide market research to identify potential promotional strategies creativedevelopment to produce advertising campaigns media buying to place ads within edia account services to manage clients national ads can be expensive utilizing same production values associated with hollywoodfilms 5000001 mil for 30 second spot on upper scaleaddition to making ad trust pay for it to be airedrate for ads are deciding by rating systemcompany measures audience and sells info to ad agencies and networks that us info tonegotiate set of rates for ads on various shows advertising mass culture and mass productionup until late 19 century ad was a small part of the business worldnow billion dollar industryrise of modern advertising is interwinds with rise of modern capitalism mass productionads worked for a large audience ad industry came into existence for first time in history job was to mass producemessages that could be placed in various media ad industry was fully formed by 1920 after radio transformed into commercial mediumdominated by small number of large corporations radio broadcasting system financed by the sale of advertising time became only model ofbroadcasting for a long time 1920 american economy dominated by large corporations that wanted to maintain theirdominant positions
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