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Oct 10 - Studying TV and an Introduction to US Broadcasting Policy .docx

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FILM 2401
Joseph Kispal- Kovacs

October 10Studying TV and an Introduction to US Broadcasting PolicyCase Study The US and Latin America II Basic relationship between US and latin american governed by monroe doctorineUS has right to intervene in affairs of any region in western hemisphere whenever americaninterests were threatened formed basis for US policy until 1934 Regular armed intervention and occupation of offending countriesPolicy was not same as european colonialismUS presence in counties occupied lasted only long enough to put a local elite into power andwould continue the job of protecting american interests 1933 roosevelt good neighbour policy shift from hard to soft powerUse carrot of diplomacy and trade to maintain US dominance in area instead of stick ofmilitary force Put into practice with withdrawal of US troops from Nicaragua and haitiWw2 US created office of coordinator of interamerican affairs 1940Goal of agency was to Promote cooperating and friendship between US an neighbour bysupporting export of press and radio propaganda programs the export of Hollywood feature films and newsreels They form motion picture society for the americas to liaise with various leader in the moviecolony In hollywood Tasked with prevent appearance of negative images of latin america in american films andencouraging hollywood studios to make more films about the region OCIAA encouraged hollywood to make movies showing latin americans in positive light andavoid cruder stereotypes of earlier hollywood productionsReadings Textbook Chapter 6Commercial radio broadcasting began shortly after WW1Technology behind it goes back to 1890 though developing technologies required for a systemof wireless telegraphy or telegraph transmission without wire Laid basis for what we call the radioShiptoship and shiptoshore used this communication and main use for radio first 2 yearsRadio was used extensively during WW1 Hobby of 2 way radio became popularForm a patent pool called radio corporation of americaFirst commercial radio station KDKA opened by westinghouse in 1920 in PittsburghEarly 20s anyone could set up radio stationReligion and education stationCompetition and cutting of stationsProgressivism was a complicated set of political and social beliefs that were popular in the late19th century and early 20th century Response to social problems created by rise of industrial capitalismEmbraced by people who were on left or right of political spectrum Progressivism identified with aspirations of framers immigrants and industrialists but alsomembers of middle class treated by corruption and immorality of changing social system Government had a important role in controlling societyGovernment can establish regulation either expands or restricts the power of individuals insociety Prohibition 19191933Progressivist ideology power of corporations over society and other was a fear that individualspotentially disruptive to society could get hold of the airwaves Radio act of 1927 limit access to airwaves to a few responsible broadcasters Left to itself the radio spectrum could become dominated by all kinds of potentially subversivevoices and there was a need to limit the number of potential voicesFreedom to listen not freedom to broadcastRadio industry developed a system of using advertising to pay for its ongoing costsAmerican system of commercial broadcasting uniqueAuthoritarian countries used it as a form of social control while representative democraciessaw these media as an import form of moral and intellectual uplift Many felt commercial system was geared too much to provision of entertainment
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