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Sept 19 - The Origins of the Studio System of Production .docx

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York University
FILM 2401
Joseph Kispal- Kovacs

September 19The Origins of the Studio System of ProductionCase study The State Department and Hollywood 1920sBureau of motion pictures BMP which was part of the larger office of war informationOWI OWI was to coordinate all et activist of the various US media in a way that was consistent withsupporting the war effort of WW2 1922 made MPPDA designed to coordinate numerous activities of the movie business and hada single spokesperson assigned to produce the voice will hays Americans wanted to copy the movies wear the same close participate in the same activitiesdrive the same carsso exporting films should make the entire world want the same productsReadings Textbook Chapter 3 The Emergence of the Studio System of Production and Labor Relations in HollywoodThomas nice had pioneered a form of production based on the shooting script and an intricatedivision of labor Focus on feature film production about an hourFilms between 18961912 tended to be twenty minutes in length or less American film makers began to make feature films around 1912Expensive and elaborate feature films became the staple of the equally elaborate new movieplaces which began to be built around 1914 1919 DW Griffith joined charlie chaplin and mary pickford to create a new company callunited artists An attempt to create their own production company so they could keep artistic control overtheir work Hollywood workers responded by trying to form unionsHollywoods workers Followed craft union traditions of the american federation of laborWorker groups in the industry divided themselves into very narrowly defined categorieselectricians carpenters equipment operations etc Struggle over union jurisdictionWorked in favour of the employers as they did not feel it was their job to settle jurisdictiondistributes
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