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York University
FILM 2401
Joseph Kispal- Kovacs

September 26 – Hollywood As a Genre System Case Study: The Early Western Film and Empire Building • The root of western genre is really concerned with the mythologization of the envelopment of the american nation • The growth of the united stets as a nation is synonymous with the colonization of the continent • Western was one of the first genres to take off but has faded now • Contemplate setting, complex of characters (in western: the townspeople or agents of civilization, the natives or outlaws who threaten the first group, the heroes who possess many of the skills of the natives and outlaw but who are committed to the cause of civilization and modernity) and type of situations and patterns of action (sometimes race of pursuit) Reading: Textbook Chapter 4 • In the cinema, genre was first looked upon as a form of production differentiation • in an attempt to make their business more profitable, film companies began specializing in certain films they thought would appeal to certain audiences • Actors became associated with certain genres (alfred Hitchcock = thrillers) • Films of a particular genre are those that are tied together by certain shred conventions, settings and types of characters and how they interact Genres popularity comes and goes • • Genres hold the world in place, establishing and enforcing a sense of propriety, of proper boundaries which demarcate appropriate thought, feeling and behaviour which provide frames, codes ad signs for constructing a shared social reality • Film genres participate in this process by sorting out the different values and ideals a social order requires to be internalized if it is to survive Screening: Stagecoach (1939) Lecture: - Hollywood as a genre system - Star system - Genre = french word meaning type - A form of production differentiation - System of calcification - Category of critical analysis - Genre movies are commercial movies, through repetition and variation, tell familiar stories w/ familiar characters in familiar situations - Encourage expectations & experiences similar to those of similar films we have already seen - Musicals were extremely po
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