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Film-Lecture 02  How the movies became a big business - creation of the motion picture patents company(1908-1915) - a.k.a "The Edison Trust" - dissolved in 1915 by the federal courts as it was found in violation of the 1890 Sherman Anti- Trust Act  Labour - struggles between film workers and the owners of film companies are key feature of the early American film industry -attempts to unionize film workers begin as early as 1907  Thomas Ince - pioneered the use of the shooting script as the blueprint for the production of a film - the script sets out the division of labour to be used in completing the film - begins in 1911  D.W.Griffith -directed 500 films between 1908 and 1913 for the Biograph Company(a member of the MPPC) -these films were 10 to 20 minutes in length -developed forms of film editing which are still used today -began to make feature films in 1913(1 hour or longer in length)  Features of the Movie Business (1910-1920) -production organized around shooting script -production organized around stars and genres -new forms of movie exhibition are developed-
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