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Francais Langue Seconde
FRLS 1035
V L Donsky

T November 15, 2011 Tuesday, November 15, 2015:30 PM - Connaître is used with concrete things like addresses or telephone numbers - Connaître is used more to mean being familiar with something, whereas savoir means you know it well. - Savoir is used with all question words - Connaître is used for places Reflexive verbs Se laver To wash oneself Se lever - to get up Se lever To get up Je me lève Vous vous levez Se réveiller To wake up Tu te lèves Nous nous levons Se doucher To take a shower Il/Elle/On se lève Ils/elles se lèvent Se brosser les dents To brush one's teeth Se raser To shave ones self Se laver - to wash one's self Je me lave Vous vous lavez Se maquiller To put on make-up Se peigner To comb one's hair Tu te laves Nous nous lavons Se brosser les cheveux To brush one's hair Il/Elle/On se lave Ils/elles se lavent S'habiller To get dressed Se déshabiller To get undressed Aller - to go
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