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York University
GEOG 1410
Steven Tufts

Environmental Crisis and Social Justice Wednesday November 7 , 2012. Modern Environmentalism Ecocentrism:  Decisions should be made form a holistic perspective with Nature at the center Technocentrism:  It looks for a technological fix to environmental problems like recycling  Sustainable development Bruntland Report:  Sustainable Development – that there can still be industrial development and expansion. But it should be done in ways where its in sync.  Called itself, “Our Common Future” Photo: Apollo 17. Referred to the “Blue marble”. It helps provide a clear image of what’s at stake with environmental destruction. Living organism. You can only identify earth as a tiny blue dot. Universalism:  When a concept or belief proposes a common condition or unity that applies to everyone.  Promotes equal application of values to the entire world o Liberalism – promises freedom for individuals and promises these fundamental rights to all humans. In it’s purest form, it applies to all genders, sex, and etc. o Ten Commandments  Can look at it as a modern universal life. E.g. the U.S. election.  Take issues from the substance of those values. It becomes hard to argue with something that’s supposed to be good for everyone. Photos: Sees the earth as a common bond, a place where we all share concern. Climate Change:  Global effects of climate change (from The Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change – IPCC)  Uneven increase in temperatu
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