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Oct 7 & 9 - Commodities .docx

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GEOG 2075
Bruce Erickson

Oct 7 & 9: Commodities Elaine Hartwick – The Cultural Turn in Geography: A new link in the commodity Chain. In B. Warf (Ed.) Encounters and Engagements between Economic and Cultural Geography. pp. 39- 46. (Course Kit) John Colapinto – Strange Fruit. The New Yorker, 87(15), May 30, 2011. (Moodle) • North brazil • Acai grows among amazon river • Ribeirinhos (indian and european) harvest and prepare acai: scale trees, bring down berry in clusters, pull of the fruit and soak it for hours in water to soften skin and flesh, rub off the pit by hand Eat resulting thick purple pulp with fish or like soup • • Creamy texture and earthy flavour with hints of unsweetend chocolate • Acai unknown outside of brazil until 10 years ago when brought to southern california • Superfruit -- potent combination of cholesterol reducing fats and anti again antioxidants • Miracle cure for obesity, attention deficit disorder, autism, arthritis, alzheimer disease, erectile dysfunction • Takes away toxicity of living in the first world and transports you back to the healthy, natural world Still sell acai in Brazilian forest • • Fruit moved south to Rio and Sao Paulo in 80s • Gracies told jujitsu fighters to eat it as its an ideal energy booster • Served with granola and bananas at beachside juice bars, acaci became popular throughout brazil in 90s • Californians had visions of turing acai bars into franchises to rival starbucks • Lots of omega 6 & 9, good fats, high in fibre, vitamin e and no sugar • 2001 go
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