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Nov 11 & 13 - Nature .docx

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GEOG 2075
Bruce Erickson

November 11 & 13 - Nature - Nature - Bruce Brawn - CK - Chris Wood - The Global Green Shift URL • summer cottage on georgian bay • killing rattlesnakes on the property snakes help control the mice whose annual inter break ins left rice sized black droppings to be swept • up each spring from kitchen drawers and cupboard corners • appreciate snakes services aswell as their menace • any rattler was captured gingerly in a bucket and relocated deeper within the island neither masters of nature nor its victims, merely its artefacts • • biophysical web as essential to humans as to any other animal that is unravelling • live on eco-credits, giving scant thought to reducing our ecological spending or paying down our overdraft drought ravages a third of the planet • • desert annually devours twice as much farmland as they did 30 years ago • biodiversity is fraying • fresh water is being taken for granted life support system is in meltdown • • during past half century, rising incomes have brought rich world no measurably greater joy in life • ecological economics (social, economic, biological, and environmental matters) • sierra gorda large property reserve a place with space status and international recognition • • families own thin cattle • sierra gorda has irreplaceable water factories, supply the countries growing cities • agree to protect wandering livestock, fire and foragers and restoring biodiversity, safeguard their woodlots from poachers • untied states conservation reserve program spends 1.8 billion a year, giving farmers an average $50 an acre to restore native vegetation along watercourses • eco-service payments are viewed as legitimate transactions, WTO member countries may introduce them without fear of retaliation • group ecologic sold carbon offsets—-money goes directly to coals who won forest land • ontario and british columbia • greenbelt (subrubs) beyond greenbelt real estate companies have already banked much of the unprotected farmland for • future leapfrog development • fields worked to the waters edge afford no shade for cool water loving native fish • rain that falls on soils laced with fertilizers or pesticides become infused with them from furrow to steam •
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