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York University
GEOG 2075
Bruce Erickson

December 2 & 4 - Risk CK: Schooled In/Security: Surplus Subjects, Racialized Masculinity and Citizenship by Deb Cowen and Amy Siciliano Lecture : 1) Cowen and Siciliano argue that there are three important trends in the expansion of "securitized social reproduction." What are those three trends? (6 marks). [p.107-109] 1) security operates not only as a means of discipline and social control but increasingly as a means of accumulation - prisons and militaries as warehouses for populations and factory spaces open for business. construction and magnet of of prison facilities, hyper exploitation of inmates as captive labour are signs of expansion of capitalist accumulation through incarceration. 2) expansion of the economy must be situated within massive transformations in gendered division of paid labour. transformation led to process of labour market feminization — labour dynamics and rejuvenation of devalorized masculinites. Assume gendered performances constitute their reproduction so usually masculinity is all that matters. 3) increasing entanglement of different forms of securitization, most notably entangling of place and military forms is indicative of a blurring of boundaries inside and outside state authority. separation of police and military authority inside and outside national space shows modernization of nation-state. this entanglement today provides solutions to problem and opportunity of surplus populations. culture of militarism and politics of fear fuel profound transformations at the intersection of education and tolerance and military academies p
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