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Ch 1 - Intro to Stats

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GEOG 2420
Taly Drezner

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FALL 2013 GEOG 2420: Chapter 1 – Intro 2 main areas of statistics − Descriptive statistics: the collection, organization, summarization & presentation of data − Inferential statistics: generalizing from samples to populations, performing estimations & hypotheses tests, determining relationships among variables, making predictions. Uses probability. Population: all subjects being studied Sample: a group of subjects selected from a population. If properly selected, can represent a population for a study or analysis. Hypothesis testing:An area of inferential statistics.Adecision making process for evaluating claims about a population, based on samples. Data Types: − Ratio data: equal increments that divide and have a true zero (ex: distance in m) − Interval data: equal increments that don't divide and don't have a true zero (ex: temperature in degrees Celsius) − Ordinal data: ordered, but no equal increments (ex: good, better, best)
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