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GEOG 2500
Nina Hewitt

Soils and VegetationLecture 2 Lab Writeup TitleNameIntroduction Methods Results Discussion Species Density BA FreqReferences Author Date Title Publisher Journal page Ie silvics Moisture and Distribution Plant species need an adequate amount of moisture They dont want too much moisture and they also dont want too little moisture xerophytesspecies in dry environments There are three strategies escapees avoiders and toleratorsEscapees are seeds that escape from lowmoisture conditions in their environment They occur in areas like deserts They dont experience drought Avoiders google Tolerators can become completely dry and if you throw water on them can come back to life These things occur in the Sonoma desert and they can withstand extreme drying A lot of energy is needed to suck moisture out of the soilCacti are the ultimate moisture stress avoiders They are a new world family whose leaves are quite small and are restricted to subtropics They have a root system needles and stem tissues and CAM photosynthesisCAM photosynthesis allows us to store CO2 as a malic acid Stomata opens at night gas exchange take in CO2 and CAM pathway can convert it to something that can be storedRoots need oxygen because they have to do cell functions Cells in roots get oxygen Adaptations Mangroves tolerate really saline water as well as the fact that their roots are
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