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Lecture Notes - assignment description, movie: after the mayflower

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York University
GEOG 4095
Joel Regehr

Get to know younames and where your parents would have been 500 years ago Reading responsecan choose to do it one one reading or both Hand in in class 1 page but can write more if you like Post Questions online ideally by Wednesday Film review23 pages 4 is okCity Essay510 pages 14001500s in Western Europe and NApolitically how are they politically organized who makes decisionseconomic what work do they do quality of lifedistribution of wealth and class systemsreligionspirituality daily ritualsmortality rate life expectancy food clothes technology gender roleswhere do people live and how are they grouped Was there private property in EuropeOwned by king and pay to use the landEurope like NAmericans did not have private property owned by king and had shared common lands in Europe Enclosure begins to happen in Europe where private property becomes more common as it becomes more industrialized because block of the land to use to raise sheep create wool to be used in factory NAmer Matriarchial v PatriarchialMOVIE After the Mayowerlikely happened late summer 1621half of the strangers had died on voyage theresome
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