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Lecture Notes - assignment description, movie: after the mayflower

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Joel Regehr

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Get to know you
-names and where your parents would have been 500 years ago.
Reading response - can choose to do it one one reading or both. Hand in in class. 1
page but can write more if you like.
Post Questions online ideally by Wednesday
Film review - 2-3 pages. 4 is ok
City Essay - 5-10 pages
1400-1500s in (Western) Europe and N.A.
-politically (how are they politically organized, who makes decisions?)
-economic (what work do they do, quality of life/distribution of wealth and class systems)
-religion/spirituality (daily rituals)
-mortality rate, life expectancy, food, clothes, technology, gender roles
-where do people live and how are they grouped
-Was there private property in Europe? - Owned by king and pay to use the land
-Europe, like N.Americans did not have private property (owned by king) and had
shared common lands in Europe. Enclosure begins to happen in Europe where private
property becomes more common as it becomes more industrialized because block of
the land to use to raise sheep, create wool to be used in factory.
-N.Amer. Matriarchial v. Patriarchial
MOVIE: After the Mayflower
-likely happened late summer 1621 - half of the “strangers” had died on voyage there
-sometime the Wampanoag“the people of the first light” Native Americans were
welcomed by the pilgrims. Sometimes there were less welcomed but they shared a
desire for alliance. This group of Native Americans could use group because conflict
and English Settlers have no other friends and were assisted in surviving the new
region by this group
-east coast populated
-1617-1619 - epidemic in New England, everyone got sick at once. A whole village may
have a few survivors. Wampanoag village, now weakened, raided by neighbouring
-change in views of pilgrims by Native groups. Pilgrims believed the devastation they
found to the Wampanoag was God looking out for chosen people.
-this group of Settlers brought women and children so Wampanoag thought of them as
not a threat.
-They Pilgrims werenʼt welcome in England and having difficulty surviving in new area.
Pilgrims viewed England as corrupted.
-102 Pilgrims made way across atlantic. 15 had died by winter. 13 of the 18 women had
died. 50% dead by end of first winter.
-weakened Wampanoag leader decided not to put a curse on them. Thinking of alliance.
-Edward WInslow acting as “chief” for Pilgrims went to Wampanoag chief when chief
was ill.
-translator in Wampanoag tribe was once captured as a slave and taken to Europe but
found his way back and had picked up some English.
Summary: native political culture related to English and French tensions.
**see link on website for Andrea lecture that relates to her article- A look at gender adn
sexual violence in colonization.
***(movie missed is called dead man)
**good movie is Smoke Signal