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Lecture The Sexual Colonization of Native Peoples - Video We Shall Remain,

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GEOG 4095
Joel Regehr

GEO HISTFriday October 7Continue Video We Shall Remainadapted each others customsspring 1630a ship carrying 100 new immigrants These settlers were not trying to escape europe like previous settlers but were sent by kingless than 300 settlers became 20000 in less than a generation 1650s make one attempt toconvert if did so then were guaranteed physical protection if lived by moral codeMasasoyie died 1660s 40 years after initial agreementsphilip his son took his fathers place as leaderphilip ddnt want to sell land anymore so one way settler would get it now would be to just occupy it and worry about legalities later and to indebt them by providing medical care philip began a war aain Salom cant remember original city settled and other towns over months Seen victory for early months another tribe who were allies with English made a srprise attach on Philips gourp killing many philip returns to mount hope realizing defeat going there to dies because many troops looking for him there they dismembered philips body and spread it around as a warning for what happens to people english believe to be traders in 1700sthey left philips head up for 2 decades his 9 yo son was sold into salavery in west indieswhy use treaties to prevent warfare
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