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GEOG 4210
Kathy Young

Geography 4400/ Physical Hydrology—Lecture 1 -Take-home exam Lecture One -What is the seasonality? How does water storage occur? Is water stored in a short term storage or long term storage? -How do events impact water depth? -We also have human interference -Physical hydrology is concerned with the quality of water, as well as seasonality and how it is impacted by natural events. Ex: Eastwind Lake, some of the water goes up from one pond to another area -Natural events of hurricanes -How do humans interfere with water? -We are interested in water Inputs-Outputs=Change in storage P(Sn+R). Gin+Gout+P(Sn+R)-Qin+Qout-E The theoretical framework of this is the water balance equation Water -Water is unevenly distributed in time and space, and it moves at various speeds -Water is stored above and below the Earth’s surface. -One form of water may change into another form. Ie rainfall-grounwater-streamflow -Precipitation is the primary source of water that reaches the Earth’s surface -Evap is a major source of water loss Introduction: -Water as a substance: structure vs physical properties -Forces acting on water cause it to move through the hydrologic cycle -Physical properties of water determine the qualitative and quantitative forces of water -Physical properties and interactions with environment lead to atomic and molecular structure. Hydrogen bonds are connected to oxygen. These covalent bonds that form are very strong, and a lot of energy is needed to break them. -The angle is about 105 deg between the two Hs. H2 atoms are one-sided positive charge and other side neg charge Attractive forces -+ve end and –ve end -hydrogen bonds have high melting and boiling temps -Water exists in 1)solid 2)liquid 3)gas -When temperatures are less than zero degrees, we get a crystal latti
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