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Lecture 10

GK 1000 Lecture Notes - Lecture 10: Preposition And Postposition, Odysseus, Infinitive

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GK 1000
Susanna Lewis

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GK 1000 Classical Greek
Chapter 7: & α β
Glosses & Other Terms
Greek English Part of Speech/Gloss
, , Τρο α Τρο αςί ί ἡ Troy proper now
, Αγαμ μνων᾿ έ ᾿
, Αγαμ μνονοςέ ὁ Agamemnon proper now
, , Αχαιο Αχαι ν᾿ ί ᾿ Achaeans; Greeks proper now
, , Οδυσσε ς Οδυσσ ως᾿ ύ ᾿ έ
Odysseus proper now
πειταwhen, since conjunction
πἐ ί on, upon, at, against, onto preposition
θ λωἐ έ I am willing, I wish infinitive
ντα θαἐ ῦ then, here, hither, there,
thither adverb
ντα θα δἐ ῦ at that very moment, then _____
ο δ νὐ έ nothing, no _____
μετάwith, after preposition
περabout, concerning, around preposition
νin, on, among preposition
περα νειfinishes 7α
`δακρ ειΰcries 7α
πολυτρ πουmuch-traveled 7α
...δ κα τνέ ἔ for ten years 7α
τ λοςadv. finally 7α
χειμ ναῶ ϛ storms 7α
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