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HIST 1010
Deborah Neill

17 September 2013 AP HIST 1010 Lecture 2a: European Colonialism Main pt. = global expansion of Euro. pwrs set the stage for & significantly shaped the nature of many conflicts of C20th. Steps to Colonialism: AGeneralization • Missionaries and merchants (coast) • They move inland, get into trouble • Navy and army Sent • Signing of bogus Treaties (ppl don’t realize the content) • Formal annexation(: to incorporate territory into the domain of the city) WHY? = “God, Gold and Glory!” *Colonialism purpose: to expand to places that isn’t adjacent *Indo-China = Modern Day Vietnam Great Britain:  Navy use all the money  Colonial lands were all empty  Industrial Revolution: first  Tiny Island; need raw materials/resources  The Americas*  C19th;Asmall, British “East India Company” was the first to come to India and claim it. >India had a massive revolt of the company. >Products: silk, tea, spices, TEXTILES and OPIUM >“Justice over morals…”  Demanded the Chinese to sell opium or else they declared war: UK vs. China (1840) ÷China paid 21 000 000 silver dollars ÷By 1900’s, Germany wanted it  1861: piece of Nigeria  Many historians believed UK ended up with high empire, by accident. Conquest ofAlgeria (Fr. InAlg = More Glory than God/Glory)  June 1830; 635 ships, 34 184 soldiers & 3 389 non-combatants arrive inAlg.  Fought an army of 43 000Alg’rns  On July 5, French raise flag over Algiers  Euro start to settle inAlg 1841 – 37 000 Euro 1871 – 279 700 Euro ÷massive stress, conflict w/i settlers French rule in Alg:  In Fr, Alg as treated
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