HIST 1010 Lecture Notes - Lecture 37: Palestine Arab Congress, Theodor Herzl, Supreme Muslim Council

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10 Feb 2016
The Question of Palestine (1850 - 1948)
The Setting
Palestine has vast history
Arabic was main language by mid-19th century including Jewish community
Very large Christian minority in mid-19th century
Around 300 000 population in mid-19th century
Under control of Ottomans, Palestine was split into 2 provinces
Social relationships were dominated by feudal lords
Land owners were absentees who lived in cities
Decline in overt anti-Semitism in West, increase in East by mid 19th
How do we solve anti-Semitism?
Theodore Herzl claimed to make a Jewish state
Zionism strives for the establishment of a publicly and legally secured home
in Palestine for the Jewish people
Suez Canal was desired by British
British saw Jews as a way to gain capital in Syria
British made many promises to various groups in with interests in the Middle
East that they did not necessarily follow up on
Post World War 1
Britain controlled Palestine after WW1
Two main Arab elite organizations
Palestine - Arab congress
oEstablished pre British takeover
Supreme Muslim council
Both groups were highly fractured, but feared Britain supporting Zionists
Britain proposed elected representatives for all religious groups
Histadrut bought Jewish land and only hired Jewish workers to give Jews
power, strengthening fears of other Palestinian groups
Nazism forced waves of Jews to immigrate to Palestine
Amin al-Husayni emigrated to Nazi Germany and assisted with Hitler's
End of WW2 brought worldwide sympathy for Zionist movements
Arab revolt had left organized resistance against Zionist movement ruined
Haganah, Jewish military unit had gained experience and prestige in Europe
against Nazis
UN partitioned Palestine into Arab and Jewish states. It looks like shit.
British just packed up and left, leaving Palestine in shambles without any
institutions for management and such
Jews declared the formation of the state of Israel with Ben Gurion as <rst
prime minister
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