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Oct. 11- Working-Class Childhoods .docx

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HIST 1080
Molly Ladd- Taylor

Oct. 11: Working-Class Childhoods Tutorial: Bettina Bradbury, “Fragmented Family” Robert McIntosh, “Boys in the Mining Community” FIRST ASSIGNMENT DUE! Lecture: - cultural norms are the world view of the dominate class are taken as natural, inevitable and beneficial to all - When actually it only benefits the elite - Separation between home and work that layed the basis of child labour - Industrialization dependent on child labour but produced opposition to it - Family is a united front - Family was central unit of production - Home is called womens sphere - Children must be economically useful - Cash economy growing importance of cash wages - We live in a cash economy - Shaped family relations - Changes to industrialization - Reorganization of work with industrialization - Non wage labour - dress making (make families for free and other peoples dresses for cash) - Gender division of labour - Parents need kids on street to bring back coal - Kids on street are independent of parental supervision - Over crowding was immoral - Doubling up was common - Outhouses - Diseases by cleaning out outhouses - Small pox and turburculous outbreaks - Class differences that were greater than before - Children to be ones to go out and earn the wages (exception of black families) - 4:30am-9pm at night - Cities ^^^^ - Role of children as colonizers - Children part of that story of moving west - The kids grew up in new settlement - Children are a central part of this story - Expectation for children not enslaved, to go to some school ad learn to read - Universal public education - Tax supported education for everyone, regardless of class 1830s/1840s - Apprenticeships eroding - S
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