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Molly Ladd- Taylor

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Oct. 25: Children Reading, Reading Children Tutorial: Horatio Alger, Ragged Dick (orig. 1868) MANDATORY RE-WRITE DUE! Lecture: • after the end of the civil war • 80% of blacks couldn't read • growing consumer market for children's literature • hornbook was protected by cow horn —-boiled • hornbook became battledore & shuttlecock mc guffeys sold along side the bible in book sales. this book is still used today in protestant • homeschooling • didn't include blacks, christian, etc values • wanted canadian education system to be loyal to the british empire • baned foreign textbooks in 1847 • children are naturally going to feel sympathy for slaves so they needed anti-slavery books to continue this ideal • anti slavery books drew on paradox 1852 white middle class innocent children idealized and protected vs working class kids, enslaved and indigenous kids being unprotected, working long hours and treated harshly and sometimes separated from families • little eva -the flower of the house and uncle toms cabin to teach children about slavery and feel sympathy and was mass-produced (books used to be proslavery before rewritten) • they should be aware slaves were unhappy and died but wanted to pose them as happily living together • the luck comes to those who deserve it tom sawyer: bad boy in a good environment • • spoof of childhood and ideology • significant change from earlier generation • boys and girls weekly—mass market magazi
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