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Sept. 20 - Conceptualizing Childhood in the ‘Old’ and ‘New’ Worlds.docx

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York University
HIST 1080
Molly Ladd- Taylor

Sept. 20: Conceptualizing Childhood in the „Old‟ and „New‟ Worlds Tutorial: Steven Mintz, “Red, White, and Black in Colonial America” Lecture: (1600s) - primary source: written about that time (written in the present) - Secondary source: discussing a time previously, a historical event - 1600 colonists arrive, ideas of childhood - US ideologies - Topic sentence is first sentence in each paragraph - We dont use word indian - Historians only have a tiny fraction of what happened in the past - No oral history - Very small information / reasonable hypothesis - Historical interpretation is shaped on sources (diary, narratives) and our assumptions - What drives social change? - Childhood is a modern theory and children and vulnerable - Children use to dress and play like adults before - Aries pathting, games, dress, schools - Until 12 century--medieval art didnt portray modern children - Parents feelings about children have changed - Parents take a greater interest in coddling - Kids used to gamble - Adults use to play games that were childish (snowball fights, tag, etc) - School involved boarding school into a segregated environment - Children were miniature adults - Idea of childhood didnt exist in medival society - Family life was less emotional, less intense - High infant mortality in medieval so tried to be less attached to children and be less emotional (aries) - Parental attachment is innate, medival children were treated gently (pollock) - Diaries and autobiographies to learn about childhood - Sources produced by women because child rearing is by women - Proof of miniature adults - slaves, laborers - Children working in the tobacco fields - More then half that went to thirteen colonizes were unfree workers - Trade/buy and sell human beings - Puritan: believed children are born evil and have desires that they feel need to be filled - No innocent babyhood - Form the very beginning babies are sinful - Boy before 8 wore petticoats before theyve been breached--theyre dependent - Europeans kept in swaddling clothes - Want to dress child like mum - Crawling was demeaning (beasts walking on all four/savages(indigenous)) - European belief that children should be still and stiff - Europeans in thirteen colonies felt away from real europeans - Indigenous childhood is told to us by europeans (french/english) - Aboriginal children ran around little clothes to make them physically strong - Cradleboards (put baby on board to keep it protected) - Successive generations of slavery Tutorial: - victoria jackson - [email protected] - Office 2187D vari hall 2:30-3:30 - Recap of todays lecture: - Airies be
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