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Dec. 6- Children in School II- Native Residential Schools .docx

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York University
HIST 1080
Molly Ladd- Taylor

Dec. 6: Children in School II: Native Residential Schools Tutorial: Jean Barman, “Schooled for Inequality” Isabelle Knockwood, Out of the Depths, chap. 2 - more children are going to school - school is the norm - residential schools - child labour continues at school - remove and isolate children from their families and culture - assimilate into canadian culture - indigenous cultures and spiritual beliefs were inferior and unequal - kill the indian in the child is wrong - children fragile and in need of shelter away from the outside world - residential schools and abuse as wrong bc we think our government should protect children - christianization: - federal policy (indian policy) - cant preform traditional religious ceremonies and tradition - federal gov. decides who counts - aboriginal marries white then loses her status - policy in the 80s - assimilation policy: US didn't have to give up tribal affiliation when becoming citizen - assimilation policy about land - richard pratt - founded indian school 1879 - only good indian is a dead indian - pratt - kill the indian thro assimilation - pratt school and barnardo orphanage - recruited kids they saved and marketed term of before and after photos - change in physical appearance - change clothes and cut hair (disempowering and taking off culture) - children could be changed - a
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