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Jan. 24- Childhood as Spectacle- Shirley Temple and the Dionne Quints .pdf

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HIST 1080
Molly Ladd- Taylor

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▯ Jan. 24: Childhood as Spectacle: Shirley Temple and the Dionne Quints Tutorial: Kelly Schrum, Some Wore Bobby Sox, 23-96 PAPER TOPIC & BIBLIOGRAPHY DUE! Lecture: - children as the object of consumption - how and why did it come to be in the early 20th cent. - putting children on display becoming desirable and respected - How do we read these images - middle class felt putting children on display is wrong 1850s - shift from economically useful to emotionally priceless child - little children are being rewarded that would be unacceptable for adults or teens - rewarded and encouraged - children preform emotionally pricelessness - children become performers of the emotionally priceless child - objects of consumption - dionne quintuplets during depression - quint land - quins — 5 genetically same female babies to be tested on theories - everything was recorded of their daily lives - power of scientific and medical expertise - allen dafore turned their child rearing into a spectacle - shirley temple saved hollywood from bankruptcy - she brought optimism and good cheer - she represented the american dream - middle class child, discovered in a dance class - usually orphan or motherless in her movies - soften rich ppls cold hearts - she preformed emotionally priceless child ▯ Tutorial: - meyer - who:girls aged 13-15, the courts, parents, inconnu, lower class - what:parents defining deliquency for girls, promiscuity in young girls and their relationships & punishments - when:juvenile deliquent court m
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