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Feb. 7- Children in Depression and War .pdf

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HIST 1080
Molly Ladd- Taylor

▯ Feb. 7: Children in Depression and War Tutorial: Robert Cohen, Dear Mrs. Roosevelt, excerpts Lara Campbell, “Parents, Children’s Labour, and Youth Culture” David Suzuki, “My Happy Childhood in Racist British Columbia” Lecture: - national boarders mattered - war brought prosperity to the homefront and stronger national government - massive disruption to families - education pushed further - great depression began with stock market crash - charities, religious organization would hep - children are victims and agents trying to cope with the situation - internment of japanese - to undermine the fathers role who is sent ot a different camp and parents dont have much control over their children - Campbell: - who:working class & unemployed families - what:survival strategies of impoverished families, family member roles - where: canada — urban and rural areas, ontario - when: 1930s (ww2, great depression) - why were children encouraged to steal: to help their parents, steal necessities of life, encouraged by parents, usually boys - how did authorities deal with this: - what kinds of labour did children do, paid and unpaid: farming, delivering newspapers, shoe shining, mines, picking berries, domestic work - how was labour gendered, in and out of the house: if boys were working in home it was seen as temporary and if girls were working in house there was tension as they should be at school. socially accepted theft - what was the parents maintenance act: gave elderly the right to charge their children for support payments of up to 20$ a fee. force children to take on economic support for their parents — charge children to support them or go to court - why was it legislated and why was it significant: bc lack of state support, general poverty. new ways to adapt to a crisis in society - how did unemployment affecting dating and relationships: postponing marriages until he could be proper bread winner, resistance to marriage dude to poverty, married later, increase in abortion rates, illegitimate births - how did it affec
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