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April 4- Continuity and Change- The Past, Present, and Future of Childhood.pdf

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HIST 1080
Molly Ladd- Taylor

April 4: Continuity and Change: The Past, Present, and Future of Childhood Tutorial: Joel Bakan, Childhood Under Siege, excerpt Lecture: - extending the period of youth into the 20s bc university - age segregation - child is innocent and closer to nature —paintings - rise of adolescents with changes to larger society - g. stanley hall —-storm and stress, sees adolescents asa biological force tied to puberty. challenged by margret mead——all about culture, girls in samoa didn't have same adjustment issues, not same storm and stress - adolescents changes over time - change in continuity about school—does school represent youth empowerment or social control - highschools become norm in 1920s - narrative of change - growing inclusiveness of schools - change and continuity - 50s media vs actuality - 21st century children in consumer economy are both emotionally priceless and economically useful - an innocent child is vulnerable child - face of victimhood is white little boy - white girls have more opportunity for success - gender within white middle class - how do we measure i
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