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Before Rome: Italians, Etruscan and Greeks Lecture that focuses on the periods before Rome became a city. Primarily, the influences of Italians, Etruscans and The Greeks who settled in Italy.

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HIST 2100
Ben Kelly

050111 History Lecture Before RomeItalians Etruscans and Greeks Iceman Discovery Site1991 Hikers upon a mountain between the borderline of Italy and Austria found a frozen body a hiker from 5000 years agoIceman named OtziOtzi died from a wound to the head and an arrow on his shoulder His body showed signs of sword markings on his hands with blood from 4 different people His weapons consisted of arrows with feathers on it increased accuracyHis mushrooms necklace found around his neck were discovered to be for medicine purposes for his arthritis He had amulets around his neck as wellWhat does Otzi tell us about Italy in the Copper AgeIdeas about religion and medicine o ie amulet mushrooms and tattoostechnological level o ie arrows w feathers for increased accuracy and Cu in the axe he used instead of stone capability for sophisticated planningo ie for journeys shown by his equipment found with himthere is not much archaeological evidence for the
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