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Early Rome: Struggle of Orders Lecture focuses on the social politics of Early Rome. Changing from a monarchy to a Republic government. The social ladders/classes established and their roles in society and the conflicts that arise between classes.

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120111History Lecture Early Roman Society and The Struggle of the OrdersArtefact Lapis Niger indicate Rome was a monarchy at some time oLatin inscribed laws oking was inscribed on itTransition from Monarchy to RepublicthLate 6 c change from a monarchy system to republic after the overthrow of Tarquin the ProudoIn literary sources ie Livy509 BC but we cannot rely on him for he wrote so long after these events occurred but oIn the fasti start in 509 BC as well more reliable documentary source than literary authors like Livy Recorded dates inscribed on stone th Consistent with the fall of monarchy in the late 6BC The New Republican System3 main elements1 The consulsTwo consuls that held office for a yearThe NB of 2 was to prevent the centralization of power in one hand who could then try to max his powersElected by an assembly of the peopleboth military and civilian powers main generals who led armies in battlesjudged court cases 2The senateSenate was already established even before the republicPermanent body of aristocratic menA member for life unless there were reasons for banishment on one due to his actionsDid not make laws but were more consultants for the magistratesconsulsSuggestions debates etc May have been a less permanent body at the very start of the Republic3The Assemblies of the PeopleSeveral different popular assemblies in the Republican periodThe main one in the early Republic was the comitia centuriata Assembly of the centuriesRoles elected magistrates passed laws acted as a court criminal and had foreign relations functions eg ratifying treaties and declaring warThe wasnt an equality of 1 man 1 vote system those who had more power tend to have more say 1
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