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Growth of a Roman Empire Lecture that focuses on the methods and ways Rome became the powerful nation it was in history. The main points of the Lecture are: phases of roman growth, reasons for imperialism, reasons for their success and the consequences.

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HIST 2100
Ben Kelly

170111History Lecture The Growth of a World EmpireRomes Growth as an EmpireFour main phases of Romes growth as an Empire1The conquest of ItalyThis was a long and complex processthrdIncluded 3 wars in the 4 and 3 c BC againstoThe Samnites fierce semitribal people of the central Apennine rangesoThe Latinmany conquered Latin communities were incorporated into the Roman state2The Wars with Carthage 3 main wars with Carthageo3 Punic Wars 264241 218201 149146 BCLatin Punicus Carthaginian146 BC Rome won control in Sardinia Sicily and Spain and Carthage 3The Wars in the EastrdndLate 3 and 2 c Rome vs the East Hellenistic king
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