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York University
HIST 2100
Joel Goldberg

Lecture: • Augustus ends up forcing Tiberius to divorce his own wife and marry his daughter, Julia. So he has an heir after his to adopted sons (grandsons, sons of Julia) Lucius Gaius and Agrippa die. • Augustus’ provincia: ensures direct control over certain provinces • In 27, Augustus makes a play of giving back control over certain areas to the senate and people of Rome (technically) such as Sicily, Macedonia, Achaea, and Asia. Crete and Cyrenaica and Africa were public provinces. And more • Egypt is the one exception; he doesn’t allow any Roman senator to visit Egypt without his permission or to govern it even though most provinces are governed by senators. It is governed by an equestrian. He won this through defeat of Cleopatra and Marc Antony. It is a very rich area • Augustus was a master of controlling imagery and public speaking. He develops an image of himself as a ruler, dressed just as the civilians and citizens would dress. Because he is a roman citizen first and foremost. He also has certain godlike preservation, remains ageless in statues • Altar of Peace: important to the end of the civil war, etc. suddenly Italy is once again fertile through the reappearance of peace. It is
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