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HIST 2100
Jeremy Trevett

Oct 1 – History Ancient Greece and Rome Olympia and Delphi Essay – moddle 3 essays, 2 will b set, write on one. Show up on time. Bring writing equipment, paper will be supplied. Closed book, no text books no notes Two places – religious sanctuaries Olympia home of Olympic games, Delphi home of the oracle of apollo Greek Identitiy - hellenes vs barbaroi (non-greeks) - Herodotus 8.144: Greeks united by: o Language o Religion o Customs (way of life) o Ancestry (imaginary belief) - Panhellenism (pan-hellenes) - Pnahellenic (religious) sanctuaries Fifth century greeks drew a sharp distinction between everyone else – barbaroi - other people are inferior to them - despite the constant tention between greek city states, they unite in times of crisis, prepared to set aside differences and work toward the common good. Olympia - situated in NW Peloponnese Home of Olympic Festival (including Olympic Games) held every four years o home to Olympic festival every four years o dated events in 2 year 3 year Olympiad o games in Delphi and Athens and local event o Olympia simply a major one - Festival trad. Founded in 776 BC th - Increase in dedications from 8 cent o Homer, competition is reserved for the upper class o Running, jumping, boxing, reselling, throwing diskus. o Athleticism – honor - Alexander king of Macedonia: htd 5.22 o Was he eligible to compete? On the ground that he is Macedonian and therefore not greek, however he is greek by decent and therefore eligible to compete. (decided by empires) - Religious significance fundamental o Religious festival that happened to involve athleticism o 100 oxen sacrificed for zeus o The competition is to please the gods Athletic events - Stadion (cf. stadium): 200m – sprint< - Boxing - Wrestling - Pankration (like kick-boxing) - Long-distance races - Horse and chariot races - Race in armour o Restricted for men and boys, naked. o Women weren’t allowed to spectate o City states took pride in the accomplishments of their athletes Olympic Victory and Victors - Crown of olive leaves the only prize o Not for material gain, buy honor o Winning is the moment of ultimate human achievement - Commemoration by song, monument - Cylon, tried to make himself tyrant of Athens in 630 BC - Alcibiades, Athens politician (Thuc. 6.16), victor in chariot race o Entered 4 separate teams which placed 1 2 3 and 4d th o Interested in personal glory rather than the city, however, he claims, his glory brought
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