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The After Shocks of War Discusses the various strains the war had upon the veterans mentally and government financially and how they dealt with it.

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York University
HIST 2500
William Wicken

The After Shocks of WarThe war in art and literature Becomes an age when an increasing amount of people read newspapers letters and booksoThe content expresses the hardships of war in respect to suffering and death literatureart is a form of remembrance oAll quite on the western front famous German novelErich Maria Remarque Lieutenant John McCrae is known for Flanders field poemo60000 Canadians bodies arent returned becomes a problem for families because of religious purposes mourningIs a problem for the bodies are unknown oBecomes a reminder of the amount of men and women who die in the warLeslie Coulson Horace MannoWrites about German and Canadian soldiersWilfred OwenoDies a week before the wars end 1918 spends time in a mental ward A New ConjunctureNumber of woundedNature of their woundsReception of veterans after warGovernment provision for themPolitical and economic consequencesWar memorials
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