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Feb 27- J.S. Woodsworth and Jackie Bates.pdf

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York University
HIST 2500
William Wicken

February 27: J.S. Woodsworth and Jackie Bates Woodsworth: CCF response and Depression Reading: No Readings this week. Tutorials will meet. Workshop on Second TermAssignment. Lecture: - 22 years as prime minister — mackenzie king - j.s woodsworth founder of ccf - mackenzie king didn't believe with intervene of government in the economy - reduce government expenditure —adds to prices - governments could borrow massively and support financial institutions in trouble or let the market take its course - mass unemployment and political instability across the world - mackenzie king - never married - Germany is forced to pay to GB and france that they can pay - british and french economy depending on this payment so they can pay for their own debts - credit becomes less available — availability of money - lower interest rate marks as an endorsement for ppl to borrow - stock market crash—value of stocks reduce - the government reduces their expenditures instead of putting money back into the economy - people cant buy anything so they go bankrupt - decreasing demand—trade restrictions on foreign products—tariffs increase on goods coming into their country to inveterate internal economy and increase prices national on goods themselves (goods coming in and produced within) - increase inefficiency in industry - increase prices—less demand bc goods are too expensive and exacerbates crisis and decrease in employment - credit was not available in depression - france and germany were rec
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