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HIST 2710
Janice Kim

2710 Week 12: Autonomous Developments in Vietnam and Korea I. Vietnam II. Korea Kingdom of Funan (Chinese: 扶南; pinyin: Fúnán; Vietnamese: Phù Nam; Khmer: Nokor Phnom) ca. 1st century–550 Champa (Chăm Pa in Vietnamese, 占城 Chiêm Thành in Hán Việt and Zhàn chéng in Chinese records), 192–1832 (in green) • 111 AD Came under Han with Han Wudi • 39 AD Trung Trac and Trung Nhi (Hai Bai Trung Day in March) • 541-547 AD Ly Bi - Sui (581-617) and Tang (618-907) • 939 CE, Red River Valley separated from south Chinese kingdom • “Ngo dynasty” and Twelve Regional Lords • 968 CE, Dinh Bo Linh: Dai Co Viet kingdom: Dinh dynasty (丁) • 970, Dinh as “emperor” • 975, Dinh as “tributary” of Song China • 980-1009, Le Dynasty (黎) • -“tributary” of Song • -working relations with southern prov. of Song • -tried to set up bureaucratic government -promoted Buddhism; copy of Song Tripitaka,1009 – Tongking (東京), Annam (安南) • Champa 1471, 1720 • 1010-1224, Ly Dynasty (李) • -succeeded with Confucian government - but local powers still very strong • -promoted Confucian education - introduced exams • - “tributary” of Song • -viewed itself as representing Chinese “civilization”; versus “barbarians” Champa, Laos, Cambodia -capital at Hanoi • 1225-1400, Tran Dynasty (陳) • -3 times repelled Mongol invasions, 1257, 1284, 1287 • -10 -13 centuries: southern expansion vs Champa • 1407, Ming (明) reconquest of Vietnam • 1428-1789: Later Le Dynasty (Le Loi) • 1527-1592 General Mac Dang Dung • 1592-1674: Civil War (Le Dynasty with Trinh family=north; Nguyen family=south) • 1771: Tayson Rebellion (Nguyen brothers) • 1802 Later Le restored with Nguyen Anh (Hue) Tayson Emperor Quang Trung Nguyễn Huệ Emperor Gia Long (1762 –1820), Nguyễn Phúc Ánh (阮福映) • KOREA th • End of Chinese rule, 4 century CE (Buddhism) • Korean Three Kingdoms: Koguryo, Paekche, Silla • Silla (新羅) unified Korea, 668 CE: • -tributary to Tang, Buddhism; Confucian in education • -Chinese-style government.; but “bone ranks”, -Chinese-style names; but still some female rulers th • Decline of Silla, 9 century CE;  splinter kingdoms  • Periods of Koryŏ • 1. Conso
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