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November 6- Lecture #8.docx

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HIST 2710
Bernard Luk

November 6, 2013 – Lecture #8 Ancient Vietnam, Ancient Korea Looking Beyond the “Central Plains” of North China “Central Plains” Zhong Yuan “Middle Kingdom” Zhongguo - Sino centric view of East Asian History → Cf. Eurocentric view of world history → diffusion – independent developments → diffusion of a general idea Diffusion of civilization vs Local Development - archaeol’cal evidence supports “local development” - multiple origins of cultures/ civs in ancient east Asia - Civilization as urban life, as literacy? - culture as toolkit for survival  Development of “toolkits for survival” in environment of Korean peninsula and east coat of SE Asia  Interaction between Chinese civilization and local devts. - central plains chronology: → Neolithic – ca. 7000 – 18000 BCE → Bronze Age – ca. 1800 – 500 BCE → Iron Age – ca. 500 BCE - other Neolithic, Bronze Age Cultures in East Asia → Yellow Sea, Korean peninsula → Japanese islands → southern China  Arch’l develeries in China, beyond Central Plains - Hongshan (Manuria, Neolithic, ca. 3500 BCE) - Dawenkou (shandong coast, Neolithic, ca. 4000 BCE) - Chu – mid, lower Yangzi, bronze age, ca. 800 BCE) - Shu (Sichuan, bronze age, ca. 1200 BCE)  Arch’ discoveries (Netolithic) in Korea: - Chuimun: → Korean Peninsula → Ca 8000-1500 BCE → Comb patterned pottery → pit dwellings → sedentary forager economy, playing millet, hunters and gathers  Arch’l discoveries (Neolithic) in Vietnamese - Yue/ Viet → southern Chin, nrthern Vietnam → rice cultivation began in ca. 6000 BCE → domesticated pug, dog, chicken, cattle/ buffalo → pottery, carpentry, weaving → paddle boats Bronze Age  Korean Penisula - potery, farming, ca. 1500 BCE - Bronzdagggers, ca. 1500 BCE (steppes?) - Br
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