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November 20 - Lecture #10.docx

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York University
HIST 2710
Bernard Luk

November 20, 2013 – Lecture #10 Buddhist Era in East Asia (300-900 CE) Han Dynasty fell – 220 CE Yellow Turban Rebels (starving farmers) Period of division: Turmoil in China - Three Kingdoms - Jin Dynasty (Western Jin, 280-317 CE) - Five Barbarians, 16 Kingdoms – nomads in northern China) - Northern (Conquest) Dynasties - Southern (Exile) Dynasties nd 2 Unified Empire - Sui Dynasty (589-618 CE), fell to one of its general who rosed up ink rebellion - Tang Dynasty (618-905) Quest for Immorality and Inner Peace - Philosophical Daoism “Pure Conversation”, Jin era - Alchemical Daoism “Elixir of Immorality” (Dan) → dan can mean red/ pill → use if cinnabar (HgS), neidan (qigong) → lead to the accidental invention of gunpowder Introducston and spread of Buddhism from India - 1 major contact between East Asia and the outside world - Buddhism as common belief and practices in East Asia → people were looking for immorality and inner peace → but it did not provide a political theory to run the government - transformation of East Asian culture and civilization - Neo-Confucianism, Confucianism + Daoism + Buddhism Buddhism Siddhartha Guatama (Shakyamuni), “The Wise Man” (563-483 BCE, Ganges Valley, India), - Confucius was 551-479 BCE) the axial age - Mencius (370-300) 500s-300s BCE - Zhuangzi )269-286) - Plato (429-347 BCE) Gautama’s search for wisdom regarding human suffering: Four Noble Truths - Life is filled with suffering - suffering comes from craving, holding onto something that won’t last - no craving, no suffering, deep don realization The Eightfold Path - right views and intent: - right speech, conduct, livelihood - right effort
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