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November 27, 2013 – Lecture #11.docx

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HIST 2710
Bernard Luk

November 27, 2013 – Lecture #11 The Sui-Tang Empire 689-905 CE Sui Dynasty 589-618 CE Time to analyze why the Han dynasty fell - Hungry peasants who followed the leadership of Doaist magicians who lead rebellions - The Han dynasty sent troops but that was not enough - they authorized local land lords to make armies and fight - when the yellow turbans were put down, these private armies fought for more power, bringing down the Han dynasty - two groups of people were potential threats: hungry peasants and power hungry landlords - why did the peasents get hungry? → bad harvest → the government did not step in → granaries - Re-unification of Chine after more than 3 centuries of division - need to solve problems that led to Han fall - Grand Canal to link north and south (supply capital and war - failed attempt to re-conquer Goguryeo in Korea - rebellion of peasants and generals Tang Dynasty 618-905 CE - rebuilding centralized bureaucratic government for whole empire → Who were to staff the bureaucracy? → Sui Tang long term strategy: from aristocracy to gentry ▫ Han to Southern Dynasties: civil aristocrats Northern dynasties to Sui: Martial aristocrats - inven
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