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October 23 - Lecture #7.docx

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HIST 2710
Bernard Luk

October 23, 20213 – Lecture #7 Nomadic Empires in Eastern Asia - Nomads’ traditional has a “bad reputation” Sedentary societies vs. Nomadic Societies - Monsoons, precipitation, agriculture, pastoralism (tending to livestock) Steppes of Inner Asia (cf. prairies of North America) Pastoralism, Agriculture: Different modes of food production → different cultural assumptions → wealth: herd vs. land; nomads need plant → rights: grazing routes vs. landholding → shelter: yurts vs. houses → mobility frequent moves, horses, light handicrafts → Government: ??? vs. centralized bureaucratic government Nomadic Empires How was it formed? - charismatic leader - &. or internal dynamics - tribal rivalries, etc. - &. or external factors – climate change? - formed around settled civilisation How Durable? Experiences of China, Iran, etc with nomadic empires - Area beyond Iranian realm – Turan - Xiongnu (Huns?) vs. Qin, Han - Turk vs. Sui, Tang - Khitan (Kitai – Cathay) vs. Song - Mongols vs. Song, Koryo, Tran, Kamakura - Mongols, Turks, Manchus vs Ming, Choson Mongols, Turks, vs. Qing - Qing genoc
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