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October 2, 2013 – Lecture #4.docx

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York University
HIST 2710
Bernard Luk

October 2, 2013 – Lecture #4 Classical China - Western Zhou (came before the Eastern Period) 1122-771 BCE - Dynasty – family that governs → King Wu defeated the Shang Dynasty → Aided by his brother Duke of Zhou ▫ investing various branches of their armies, they were rewarded ▫ relatives, followers and allies of Zhou ▫ they were given lands, called states, over 100  enclosure – a wall (protects town)  defended my armed soldiers  mouths – people  - unified under someone invested by the king Hierarchy (Holy Rule/ Holy Government) - king - dukes, counts, etc. ▫ invested – ▫ gives orders to his state ▫ as long as they stay loyal to the king, king can continue to give wishes/ requests ordained by above, fengjian, feudalism not supposed to change - ministers ▫ officers in armies - knights ▫ fighters - common people → his system only worked because everyone was to remain loyal to the royal temple – the family tree, many dukes had a stake in royal temple too → having a common relative in the temple means mutual loyalty in the nobility  The Zhou World: mid and lower Yellow River Valley, “The Central Plains” Aristocratic Culture - schooling reserved for sons of the nobility and wealthy - the six arts rites- who bows to who and how much you bow/ music/ archery/ chariot/ writing/ numbers → serve the king: administration/ fighters Inter-state relations regulated by Zhou rites and the king - gradual growth of the states - gradual decline of Zhou kings - 771 BCR – fall of Zhou capital, king moves from Xian to Luoyang, revolt led by the king’s son - movd from thr est to easy - start of the Eastern Zhou Dynasty  77-256 : E. Zhou  722 – 421 – Spring and Autumn  403-221 – Warring States Period  221-206 –Qin Empire Spring and Autumn - breakdown of Zhou order
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