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HIST 3051 Lecture Notes - Behavioural Sciences

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HIST 3051
Garrett Metcalfe

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*Teaching thoughts - point to the first student who has hands up and then point (or say
the name) to the person who will go next. Walk to the person who is talking. Reword
what the student just said to the class and if can use the terminology they may not have
*Walk around the room when giving a discussion question. Donʼ t always tell them to go
back to work, maybe ask them a few questions to see if they discussed it and agreed
already and move on. Validate that you heard them and say ok... or I see where you are
coming from. Donʼt just say “anyone else” if they are wrong. We talked as a large group
in general about our statement on S.S. and then went to small group tables and then
went around to discuss related open ended questions. Kept the questions open ended.
Teacher didnʼt take a side to the topic.
Philosophy of Social Studies (a.k.a. Humanities?)
What is Social Studies?
-Ontario is more of a single-discipline approach (history separate from geography, etc.)
and generally believe the other approach is watered down and donʼt learn how to write a
history paper or do sample surveys, etc. More focused on own content. Across Canada
it is more of a Social Studies Approach which includes integrated multidisciplinary
learning using content from Geo, hist, eco, political, behavioural sciences, anthro. And
your qualification from teacherʼs college would be “Social Studies”.
Advantages of a social studies based system vs. single discipline system.
Historical Context/trends
Instructional Approachesj
EDUC History"September 19, 2011
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