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Lecture 3

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HIST 3131
Ben Kelly

Lecture 3 September-24-12 5:21 PM The First Punic War 1. Early Carthage o A trading nation (slave trading) o Imperial control over areas of North Africa, Spain, Sicily and Balearic Islands o Alliance with the other Phoenician colonies o Methods of control:  Carthaginian army  Generals were aristocrats  Soldiers were mercenaries and surrounding areas peoples  Comes back to bite the Carthaginians o 280's BCE mercenaries seize city of Messena  Mercenaries from Campania o 270 BCE Rhegium seized, Roman garrison took over  Romans back home embarrassed o 270-269 BCE Ruler of Syracuse builds up a military force, sick of city being rampaged constantly o 265-264 BCE Syracuse defeat Mamertines  Mamertines go to Carthaginians for help  Mamertines gives Messena to Carthage  Then they appeal to Rome for help, they respond and help the Mamertines Rome and the Mamertines vs. Syracuse and Carthage  Why did the Romans help the Mamertines? o Moral obligation o Security concerns (Polybius) o Desire for plunder/booty (Polybius) o Mamertines put all their loyalty in Rome, this Rome must be good "patrons" and morally help o Romans didn't know they were stepping into war, they thought it was a squabble with Carthage  What Polybius thinks, Romans agonized over the decision to help the Mamertines  "we can't punish those who seized Rhegium and help those who seized Syracuse"  Is it a realistic fear that Syracuse could have invaded Rome?  The people of Rome were aware of the possible plunder to be gained from this battle The Course of the War  264 BCE Romans |defeated" both Carthaginians and Syracuse in separate battles  236 BCE Syracuse makes peace with Rome after being besieged  262-261 BCE Romans besieged Carthage forces in Agrigentum, Romans sold 25,000+ people into slavery  261 BCE Romans more aggressive, building Naval fleet  256 BCE Rome defeats Carthage off coast of Economos o Rome decides to invade North Africa, capture Tunis  255 BCE Rome defeated at Tunis o Shipwrecked on the way home o Commander captured  254-242 BCE Stalemate in Sicily o Carthaginians besieged in city of Lilybaeum ca. 250 BCE  241 BCE Roman fleet won the decisive battle at Aegates Islands, peace negotiated o Peace treaty extremely favourable for Rome o Carthage paid retribution for war to Rome o The Roman people made the treaty, making it harsh on the Carthaginians Aftermath of the First Punic War  Mercenary war o They weren't paid well, so they rebelled against the Carthaginians o Their subject allies turned on them too o Sardinia revolted as well  Rome seized Sardinia by invitation of the Mercenaries ca. 236-235 BCE  Ebro treaty 226 BCE o Even worse for Carthage o Fed the fire against the Romans  226 BCE Carthaginians in Spain o Hasdrubal founding towns in Spain, increasing the Carthaginian strength in Spain o Treaty with Rome agreeing not to ex
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