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Lecture 3

HIST 3180 Lecture 3: week 3

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HIST 3180
Thabit Abdullah

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Class 3 25, September,2017 THE Parthians The parni Rule Society Religion Rome Small Kingdom The first Persian empire, Achaemenian empire, became the standard, till the Islamic period. Achaemenian were topple in 343 BC by alexander. Alexander lead a huge army across the bospherous at 22 years old, he has 43,000 infantry, 5500 Calvary. He went on a campaign for 11 years. (alexander) He died at 33 in babolan. He brought philosophy and people like Aristotle. Alexander work refer to as Hellenization. (spread of Greek idea and land to others). Alexander main victory is at 331 BC at Gaugamela. (3 battle between alexander and Archimedean army). (darius III last shah of Archimedean). Once he conquered, all he asked was loyalty and taxes. Most governors were still Persian. Established many Greek settlement. Many Greek gods came to the Persian territories. Alexander like the God Herakles Gods join: Appolo and Mithra. 323 B.C Alexander died. After his Death, alexander empire splited Seluces got the Iran, Iraq section of the empire, and created the Seleucid empire. Seleucid dynasty builded a new capital called Selucia. only Rome and Alexandria were bigger than Selucia. Seleucid dynasty, Decentralization was the norm.
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